8th October 2019

Add style to your bathroom with wallpaper


Often a bathroom can feel cold, mainly due to the amount of white objects it houses. There is little scope for adding interior furnishings to soften the scheme, apart from perhaps some towels and a blind.

That said, wallpaper is a great way to introduce a decorative element into a bathroom. As long as it’s well ventilated, with an opening window and extractor fan, wallpaper can look fabulous.

It’s best to choose a vinyl one, designed for high moisture content rooms. Often described as ‘scrubbable’, a vinyl wallpaper is heavier than a conventional one.

bathroom wallpaper ideas…

With so many designs, choosing is the hard part! However, if you’ve fallen for a wallpaper that really isn’t intended to be used in a bathroom, it’s possible to ‘seal’ it using a varnish.

geometric designs

A firm favourite, geometric designs are often best suited to a single wall. The scale of the design is important to consider, especially in a compact space.

A small scale repeat pattern will work best in a bathroom. Usually featuring a couple of contrasting colours, a wallpaper will allow you to co-ordinate with items in your bathroom such as the furniture, whilst giving you an accent shade to accessorise with.

timeless florals

With so many colours to choose from, a floral pattern isn’t just pink!

A subtle, tone-on-tone trailing floral design will provide the perfect backdrop for a calming interior, ideal if your bathroom is your ‘get away from it all’ tranquil space.

a bold statement

For a larger than average bathroom, you can afford to be a bit more daring in your choice of wallpaper.

Whilst a bold, monochrome scheme might not seem particularly restful, it will certainly wake you up in the mornings!

truly tropical

Whilst gold pineapples or large leaf fronds might not seem like your ‘everyday’ choice, a feature wallpaper in a cloakroom can create a real talking point…

Often overlooked, a cloakroom is the one place that many of your friends are likely to visit, so a feature wallpaper is sure to make it memorable!

For more inspirational ideas using wallpaper in a bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom, visit our website and start planning your new bathroom today…