11th January 2020

Don’t be blue this January!


For many of us, January is a month where we feel melancholy…

Even though the days are gradually getting longer, we are still in the midst of winter. Many new years’ resolutions have fallen by the wayside and the Christmas break seems like a distant memory. The festivities might be over, but our bank balances are constantly reminded that it was only just over two weeks ago!

Whilst it’s been great to catch up with everyone at work, you’re not missing the early mornings and the dreaded alarm clock!

However, January shouldn’t be all ‘doom and gloom’… Not only has this month seen the start of a new year, but the beginning of a new decade too!

Look ahead to 2020 with positivity…

It’s a great time to look to the future with a positive mindset. Perhaps you’re considering moving house in 2020? Maybe you’re thinking of extending your current home or updating some of the rooms it? Perhaps your home is in need of a de-clutter?

A new bathroom in 2020?

A new bathroom may be a bigger expense that you’ve been contemplating. But, it might actually add to the value of your home, especially if it’s an additional bathroom or en-suite, rather than just an update.

Storage is essential in a well planned bathroom!

Choosing to include some sort of storage in your new bathroom may seem luxurious. But storage is essential! A bathroom houses many more objects than your probably realise! From toiletries and towels, to make-up, medicines and even spare loo rolls, this small room is your home has a big job to do!

Ask the experts…

That’s why when it comes to designing a bathroom, it’s usually best to ask the experts. Our bathroom retailers have many years of experience in planning bathrooms. They will make the best use of the space that your bathroom has available. Plus, they will consider the needs of you and your family to ensure that your new bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom is best planned for both today and the future.

So don’t be blue this January. Get in touch with your nearest Vanity Hall showroom and start planning your new bathroom today