6th August 2020

Eight creative ideas for additional bathroom shelving


Undeniably, having some sort of storage in your bathroom is essential. It’s one of the best ways to keep it looking pristine and free from clutter.

In much the same way that clothes and underwear are stored in wardrobes and drawers, so too should all bathroom essentials. Toiletries and medicines are best stored in wall units. Towels and make-up are best stored in drawers. And base units are best suited to store toilet rolls and other bathroom cleaning materials.

Having plenty of storage with minimal untidiness is sure to make your bathroom feel more like a sanctuary and a room to relax in. Sometimes though, a bathroom can be in danger of looking and feeling a bit sterile, especially as the basin, loo, shower tray and bath are all likely to be white!

Somewhere to display pretty trinkets, ornaments and toiletries is a great compromise. Overall it will make the bathroom feel more homely and lived in. The obvious place for these might seem to be the worktop. But this is a surface that is frequently wiped over and cleaned, so it’s best kept clear.

Feature shelving behind a freestanding bath…

A freestanding bath is a truly luxurious option if space permits. Graceful in appearance, there are many contemporary and traditional styles to choose from. However, many are simply not designed to accommodate any bath taps or an overflow filler. This means that wall mounted or freestanding taps are the only options.

By creating a false, short height wall behind the bath, all the brassware plumbing can be neatly disguised, whilst creating display shelving above too!

Gain extra room height…

It’s nearly impossible to utilise all the floor area in a bathroom with a sloping ceiling.

A low level wall under a sloping ceiling could make better use of the floor space area. Planned right, it will allow for someone to get in and out of a bath, or even stand to shower, without hitting their head!

Conceal wall hung toilet fixings…

In much the same way as a short height wall will conceal plumbing parts, it can also house the bracket and cistern for a wall hung pan.

These cisterns rarely go wrong. However, if you want to have easy access, ensure that the shelf on top of the short height wall is removeable.

Gain extra shelving behind a basin…

A short height wall doesn’t have to be a fixed height or depth. In fact, depending on the plumbing it’s disguising will largely dictate the required depth! A wall that needs to accommodate a soil stack will need to be around 200mm deep. Likewise one that only has water waste pipework can be as shallow as 100mm.

This depth is ample to fix a wall hung basin unit to, along with wall hung taps. Yet it is deep enough to house toiletries and toothbrushes.

Floating shelving in a recess…

Shelving that appears to ‘float’ in a recess is certain to look stylish!

Whether you opt for Corian® or timber shelving is totally up to you, as is what you choose to display! Certain houseplants thrive in the slightly humid or damp air conditions of a bathroom, making them an ideal choice!

Recessed shelving above a bath!

Create a decorative shelving area at an easy to reach height, by tiling it in the same pattern as the floor tiles.

Not only will it look totally co-ordinated, but it will provide practical storage for shampoos and shower gels too!

Tiled shelving in a shower…

The perfect way to keep a shower tray or wet room floor totally free from unnecessary clutter is by planning for a feature recessed shelf. Fully tiled, it will be totally waterproof and practical too.

Recess a wall open shelf unit…

Shallow depth wall open shelf units can be recessed into partition walls, to create feature shelving that’s both useful and stylish!

Shelving, whether decorative or practical, is a great way of creating more surface area, and often in the least obvious spaces!