29th August 2018

How do I plan for a feature wall?


Planning a feature wall in your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom can transform it from a functional room into a stylish space.

Fitting some sort of storage into your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom has become a necessity. Whether it’s a place to store a multitude of cosmetics and toiletries or simply somewhere to hide spare toilet rolls and cleaning products, the need for furniture is a must.

Inherently, including furniture in your new bathroom often means that the overall interior design is quite angular, especially in a room where there is frequently a rectangular shower tray or bath and tiling. Adding interesting features will soften the scheme and this can be achieved by creating a ‘feature wall’ or focal point.

where to start for ideas?

Pinterest is a great place to source ideas. Once you’ve registered, you can search for any manner of things. You create and name boards, and then save pins to these boards that inspire you. It’s like having an online mood board, all saved in one place.

Which wall?

Decide which wall is to become the feature – it’s usually, but not always the one that you’d have your basin on. And that basin wall tends to be the one that is opposite to you as enter the room. Wherever possible and where space permits, bathroom designers will cite the toilet in an inconspicuous position or in the corner, so that the loo is never the obvious first thing you see as you walk in.

introduce pattern

Tiles are a great way to add pattern to the room. They don’t have to have a decorative designed face, it’s all about the tessellation of how you install them.

A simple brick or ‘Metro’ style tile can create a fabulous feature wall, especially if offset with a contrasting feature grout.

A tile that is suitable for both the wall and floor can be fitted in different patterns. Consider a herringbone design on the floor with a brick pattern on the walls? You could obviously choose to swap these patterns around, but it’s always best to let the beauty of the furniture speak for itself!

Multi-faceted tiles really can create the wow factor on a feature wall. Unsuitable for a floor, their textural surface will add dimension to the wall and make a truly stylish statement.

consider wallpaper?

Wallpaper is considered a ‘no no’ in a bathroom or en-suite as the steamy environment will lift it. However a vinyl wallcovering is much better suited in these rooms and is a great way of introducing pattern and indeed an accent colour by which to accessorize with. And, unlike tiles, it’s a relatively cheap way to update the overall look of a room.

Why not check out the latest Vanity Hall Pinterest boards and get pinning ideas for your new feature wall?