29th October 2019

Monochrome – a stylish trend for any bathroom!


Often misconstrued, a monochrome colour scheme isn’t simply a case of using black and white tones!

Monochrome actually means to either use black and white, but with the addition of various grey shades from the same palette. Alternatively, it means to use a varying array of differing shades of a single hue.

A bathroom tends to be one room in the home that is predominantly white. Even with the introduction of coloured sanitaryware, white remained the firm favourite for most basins and toilets.

Any room, and especially a compact one such as a bathroom, will benefit from the light and airy feel that white offers. Rather than absorbing the available light, white reflects it back into the room, so it’s easy to see why it’s the preferred choice for so many.

However, a ‘totally white’ bathroom is likely to lack character. Introducing an alternative colour within the monochrome scheme will add both interest and style. Add such colour via a painted wall, contrasting bathroom units or an accent shade.

Add a marble effect

A finish such as stunning Corian® ‘Rain Cloud’ offers a subtle marble detailing, offering an alternative to plain white.

This product used to only be available as a bathroom worksurface, but is now offered as a cladded furniture solution too. Because of the many properties that Corian® has, it is possible to integrate a basin into the worksurface, for a seamless finish!

Likewise, create a totally co-ordinated look by using real marble or marble effect tiles on both the walls and floor.

Introduce texture…

‘Light Atelier’ is one of our latest options, offering a trendy, distressed appearance.

Almost emulating smooth concrete, this furniture finish is very much in keeping with the monochromatic theme.

Consider a woodgrain furniture finish?

Rather than being a flat finish, our painted furniture still exposes the original woodgrain to add beautiful texture to each unit.

For an original, black and white bathroom furniture combination, consider ‘Carbon Marine’?

This ‘off black’ shade looks sensational with crisp white sanitaryware, leaving you to decide on your chosen accessory colour!

However, for timeless appeal, a finish such as ‘Grey Nordic’ is perfect.

This subtle woodgrain is both pleasing on the eye and is sure to stand the test of time, making it a soundproof investment for the future.