16th November 2019

Pick a colour, any colour!


If you could pick any colour for your new bathroom furniture, what would you choose?

This might seem like a trick question, as all too often there are certain limitations.

A contemporary door style that you really like isn’t available in the classic duck egg finish that you’ve fallen for.

Likewise, the traditional raised and fielded door profile that you’ve picked can’t be made in the colour you’d like! The style goes with the rest of your house, yet it can’t be made in the gorgeous teal shade that you’d set your heart on!

Sadly, these types of dilemmas are all too frequently faced. When it comes to choosing the colour of your choice for your bathroom furniture there are usually limitations.

Vanity Hall is different…

That’s what makes Vanity Hall different. In a world that is fast taking the approach of ‘one size fits all’ we like to do things differently. Unlike so many other manufacturers and suppliers of bathroom furniture, we provide a bespoke painting service.

We offer freedom of choice!

Like other manufacturers, you can choose from any one of our extensive finishes. Ours are available in both wood grain and painted options. But, for those who would prefer to have freedom of choice, their bathroom furniture can be painted in a finish, exclusive to them!

Pick any colour!

If you’re after your bathroom furniture painted in ‘Barbie pink’ you can have it! If you’re after ‘pillar box red’ you can have it! Fancy Ferrari yellow bathroom furniture, rather than just using the colour for accessories, we will paint it for you!

Obviously, having something bespoke might mean having to allow a little more time. It’s easy to forget that your furniture is being hand painted, especially for you!

Choose from a high gloss, reflective finish, ideal if your bathroom is on the smaller side, or a matt painted finish. Alternatively, opt for a painted door that still reveals the beautiful grain of the wood.

Start planning your new bathroom today and let your imagination run wild!