4th January 2021

11 Bathroom trends for 2021


As we start a brand new year, we can clearly see the bathroom trends for 2021 emerging.

Whilst diverse in their style, most of them have a luxurious, feel good factor! It’s not really surprising, given the year we’ve all just experienced.

Our homes have become our sanctuaries, a place that we can feel safe. So, whilst we are naturally spending more time together in the communal rooms in our homes, those rooms that we can escape to like the bathroom have become an equally important place!

Unsurprisingly, most of us use our bathrooms at least twice a day, and the majority of women spend around half an hour in it every day. It’s a room that has to store a lot too! Whilst trends come and go, a bathroom will never really look stylish if there’s ‘clutter’ everywhere! From cleaning equipment and toilet rolls, to hair and beauty products, and the never ending special offer items that we all seem to succumb to, some sort of storage is essential.

Fluted finishes

This trend, inspired by the Art Deco period, features a subtle linear detailing.

It’s both graceful, yet strikingly minimal – a style that’s sure to look equally fabulous in any contemporary or opulent bathroom setting!

Forever green

Bring a little of the outside into your home with green.

Whether you opt for a shade of green influenced by aqua or teal, or simply a paler tint of green, you’re sure to feel alive every morning with a bathroom in green!

Tropically on-trend

‘Overindulge’ with this trend, and opt for a distinctly different feature wall influenced by rainforests or tropical birds and flowers.

It’s certainly not a style for everyone’s taste, but it’s sure to bring a smile to the faces of those who choose to embrace it!

Feature tiles

Patterned floor tiles are a great way to add both colour and decoration into a room that is often in danger of feeling sterile, and can be used on wall too!

Create a feature panel behind a freestanding bath, or in a shower enclosure for a totally co-ordinated look.

Modern vintage

This style relies on eclectic elements being collectively bought together.

Choose from key features such as cup handles, retro lighting, in-frame furniture, and even repro taps and tiles to successfully achieve a timeless take on modern vintage.

Plants galore!

Biophilic design, whose biggest advocate must be the esteemed interior designer Oliver Heath, is the integration of nature into our homes.

So, whether you opt to include wooden accents, subtle green, or an abundance of fauna, there’s something deeply calming with this ongoing popular trend.

Brass is back!

Out of style in favour of chrome over recent years, brass and indeed gold are back in vogue! This surge in popularity could simply be due to people being bored with chrome.

But, it’s more likely to be attributed to the many bright bathroom colours that brass and gold especially complement – a far cry from the never ending shades of beige and taupe that we’ve become accustomed to!

Simply the best!

They say ‘less is often more’ and that’s certainly true with this style!

Contemporary units provide ample bathroom storage to keep the overall feel clean and free from clutter, whilst injecting a burst of colour, oozing with vibrant allure.

Round and circular mirrors

Whether you’ve ample room for twin basins, or only a compact, space saving unit, adding circular shaped elements such as round mirrors is the perfect way to soften the angular lines of the other bathroom items.

Cappuccino colours

This inviting shade is sure to add warmth to any bathroom.

Team Cappuccino with tone-on-tone shades for an interior that’s timeless, or contrast with soft teal and brushed gold accents for a bathroom with decadence!

Not quite monochrome

Another style inspired by the Art Deco period, black and white remains a timeless choice for many bathrooms.

Choose a statement bathroom washstand and freestanding bath, clearly inspired by a bygone era period, and embrace this style with confidence.

Whatever 2021 bathroom trend inspires you, if you’re considering a new bathroom this year, be sure to include some form of storage!