6th March 2019

Coffee lovers bathroom heaven!


Deciding on a colour scheme for your new bathroom isn’t always easy.

Some people opt for a bathroom with bright colours, to give them an extra boost, early in the morning. Others will opt for a theme such as a nautical bathroom, and some may choose warm shades. This is a good choice if your bathroom faces north and is somewhat prone to feeling cold.

A neutral colour scheme offers timeless appeal

Ultimately, the most popular choice when decorating a bathroom, or indeed any room in your home is still to choose a neutral shade. Not only is a timeless choice, but it’s a classy combination when teamed with crisp white sanitaryware. In fact, the pure white of the basin and toilet enhance the intensity of the neutral shades.

The spectrum of neutral tones start at palest ecru. The deepest shades ranging from latte to cappuccino, making them a magnet for caffeine addicts!

At Vanity Hall, we offer a multitude of finishes, including many shades of neutrals and coffee tones.

consider coffee tones for a warmer, yet largely neutral interior

Our palest neutral shade is the delicate ‘Cashmere’, available from our VH2 collection and is offered in a gloss or matt finish. Its enduring appeal will suit both contemporary and traditional bathrooms, or even a combination of the two!

Ever popular, our ‘Cappuccino’ finish offers a much deeper tone than ‘Cashmere’ and can be supplied with or without a wood grain showing. For those who prefer glossy bathroom furniture, we also offer it as ‘High Gloss Cappuccino’ too.

If you prefer the richer shades of a macchiato, our ‘Shaker’, ‘Classic’ and ‘Natura’ doorstyles are all offered in the rich woodgrain finish ‘Chestnut’. This will bring warmth and intensity to even the coldest, north facing bathroom.

And for a finish which reflects the likes of a mochaccino, consider our softer ‘New Orleans Oak’. Available in our ‘Ultra’ doorstyle, like our main range, all VH2 units are offered with a colour matched internal carcass as standard.

With so many finishes, Vanity Hall is all about choice. Visit our website today and discover your ideal bathroom finish at vanity-hall.com