20th February 2019

Decorating with grey and yellow


Grey has always been a popular choice for an interior colour scheme. With so many greys to choose from, it’s easy to see why…

Pale greys can be the perfect choice in a bedroom with their calming feel. Likewise, blue greys have a somewhat stately presence, making them a perfect colour for a lounge or dining room. Mid grey shades have been less popular.

It’s only in the last few years that the popularity of these mid toned greys has risen. This increase is likely to the shade being used with a more vibrant colour such as teal or canary yellow.

It was this trend in popularity that led the product development team at Vanity Hall to trial a new bathroom finish.

This resulted in the launch of ‘Satin Concrete’, a surface which emulates polished concrete. Finished by hand, every door, drawer front and side panel is unique in appearance due to the compound used.

It’s a finish that looks fabulous when teamed with a crisp white work surface, such as our Designer White Corian®, along with a slab top basin and wall hung pan for a minimalist feel.

Introduce your chosen accent colour with a vinyl wallcovering and a few accessories, such as textured or patterned towels or a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. Even pictures and candles or ceramic vases are a great way of adding pops of colour into your bathroom!

Lighting in a bathroom should always be a considered part of the overall design. Focal lighting around the mirror or mirror cabinet must be functional, whilst an eclectic mix of pendant lighting can cohesively unite the colour scheme.

Obviously you don’t have to team Satin Concrete with yellow, or any accent colour for it to look fabulous! Whatever finish you choose, the beauty of Satin Concrete will speak for itself!