9th December 2019

Get creative with Corian®


Created by DuPont™, Corian® is the leading brand of solid surface material. Renowned in the world of worktops, it’s suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms.

It’s extremely durable to the knocks and bumps associated with everyday usage. Plus, it’s a stable material that cannot delaminate. Equally, its almost invisible joins are virtually impossible to see, as each finish has a bespoke, colour-matched adhesive. Thanks to these joins, each work surface is impervious to water ingress, so is super easy to keep clean and free from bacteria.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why it’s the preferred choice for so many homeowners.

At Vanity Hall, Corian® solid surface is by far our most popular worksurface. With many years experience of working with it, we are justifiably proud to be a partner of the DuPont™ quality network. This acknowledges and supports the elite fabricators of Corian®, both here in the UK and beyond.

We currently offer 20 finishes, each worktop lovingly finished to the same exacting standards by our highly skilled team, and bespoke to your bathroom.

In fact, Corian® solid surface can be used as a material for many different applications.

Consider an integrated bowl?

Luxurious in both looks and style, consider an integrated washbasin? As well as being really easy to keep clean, there is no need to use silicon to seal in the bowl, or cut out the worktop before installing the bowl!

A matching worktop and windowsill…

Prone to all the elements, a bathroom windowsill has to withstand the damp conditions caused by condensation.

A windowsill made from Corian® solid surface will totally co-ordinate with the rest of the bathroom and withstand these otherwise damp conditions!

A seamless upstand or splashback…

The join where the work surface meets a tiled splash back is an area susceptible to water.

Choosing a matching upstand not only looks seamlessly chic but creates a much better seal.

An alternative to tiled skirting…

A tiled floor can look lovely with a contrasting skirting, made from stunning Corian® material.

Corian® clad units…

For the epitome of luxurious bathroom furniture, consider an entire unit, totally clad in stunning solid surface material.

Choose from door or drawer fronts, carefully book-matched to each adjacent piece, with optional matching side panels and a contrasting basin and worktop. For the ultimate co-ordination, the entire unit including the basin and side panels can be made from the same material!

Discover for yourself the beautiful properties of Corian® solid surface and request your complimentary samples today!