9th December 2019

Get creative with Corian®

Created by DuPont™, Corian® is the leading brand of solid surface material. Renowned in the world of worktops, it’s suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms. It’s extremely durable to the knocks and bumps associated with everyday usage. Plus, it’s a stable material that cannot delaminate. Equally, its almost invisible joins are virtually impossible to see, […]

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16th November 2019

Pick a colour, any colour!

If you could pick any colour for your new bathroom furniture, what would you choose? This might seem like a trick question, as all too often there are certain limitations. A contemporary door style that you really like isn’t available in the classic duck egg finish that you’ve fallen for. Likewise, the traditional raised and […]

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29th October 2019

Monochrome – a stylish trend for any bathroom!

Often misconstrued, a monochrome colour scheme isn’t simply a case of using black and white tones! Monochrome actually means to either use black and white, but with the addition of various grey shades from the same palette. Alternatively, it means to use a varying array of differing shades of a single hue. A bathroom tends […]

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8th October 2019

Add style to your bathroom with wallpaper

Often a bathroom can feel cold, mainly due to the amount of white objects it houses. There is little scope for adding interior furnishings to soften the scheme, apart from perhaps some towels and a blind. That said, wallpaper is a great way to introduce a decorative element into a bathroom. As long as it’s […]

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16th September 2019

‘Tranquil Dawn’ – the colour for 2020…

Every year at around this time, Dulux unveils its prediction for the following year. Trend forecasters, design specialists and colourists from around the globe have collectively chosen Tranquil Dawn™ as the colour for 2020. As we look forward to the start of another new decade, this soft green shade reminds us we are all still […]

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31st August 2019

Are white bathrooms boring?

White bathrooms are the preferred choice for many people. This is primarily down to three key factors. Firstly, the actual basin and toilet are only likely to be available in white ceramic. Whilst many sanitaryware manufacturers have launched other colours including black, white remains the firm favourite. white bathrooms are perceived as hygienic This leads […]

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20th August 2019

Planning a new en-suite?

There are many reasons why adding a second bathroom or en-suite to your home will be an advantage, and installing one might be easier than you think! Nowadays, most new builds already incorporate a second bathroom or en-suite into the plans. But, with many of us living in older properties, or ones that were built […]

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29th July 2019

One room – four very different styles!

As one of the smallest rooms in your home, there is often not much flexibility when planning a bathroom or en-suite. The overall layout tends to be pre-determined with some sort of storage being essential. Obviously, you might be able to choose whether to opt for a stand alone vanity basin unit, a floor standing […]

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11th July 2019

Organise your bathroom the Marie Kondo way…

Having gained notoriety in her homeland Japan, Marie Kondo is now taking the world by storm! Her effect has seen many of us across the globe consider the way in which we organize and store our things. Known as the KonMari method of tidying up, Marie Kondo is a YouTube and Netflix sensation. She tackles […]

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30th June 2019

Choose Vanity Hall and buy British!

So many of us are heartily sick of hearing about Brexit and how it will affect the British economy. With all the negativity surrounding it, it’s hard to see any positives. However, one positive effect for UK bathroom manufacturers such as Vanity Hall, is that more and more people are now looking to buy British. […]

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