28th December 2018

A new bathroom in 2019 perhaps?

With a new year fast approaching, many of us take the time to consider what our aims are for 2019. Make plans in 2019… Whether it’s a major goal like moving house, it’s the perfect time to make plans. Perhaps you’re considering some home renovations, changing jobs or starting a family? Maybe you’re thinking of […]

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27th November 2018

Don’t forget the smallest room this Christmas!

With December just around the corner, most of us are likely to have given some thought to this Christmas already… Whether you’ve started buying gifts, or completed the wrapping of them, chosen your tree or even finished decorating your home, the reality that Christmas is less than a month away is certainly on people’s minds! […]

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22nd October 2018

Bring outside in…

This weekend sees the clocks being put back an hour, which in turn means darker evenings earlier, lighter mornings but limited time to see what’s going on outside! From a safety point of view, children walking from and to school can still do so in daylight, but for those who commute to a place of […]

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21st September 2018

Making the most of a small bathroom

Maximising storage in a bathroom is essential, especially in a small bathroom. It may come as a surprise, but the average British bathroom is roughly the same size as a king-sized bed. That means that the available space in which to plan is approximately 1700 x 2000mm. In this limited space, most people will require […]

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29th August 2018

How do I plan for a feature wall?

Planning a feature wall in your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom can transform it from a functional room into a stylish space. Fitting some sort of storage into your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom has become a necessity. Whether it’s a place to store a multitude of cosmetics and toiletries or simply somewhere to hide spare toilet rolls […]

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30th July 2018

Why choose Corian® Solid Surface Worktops?

There are many options of worktop to choose when selecting your bathroom worksurface. The finishes available from Vanity Hall include laminate, wood veneer and solid surface. Each worksurface has its own merits and indeed price point. Whilst our Corian® solid surface worktops are more expensive, once you understand the properties of this beautiful material, it […]

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1st July 2018

Will a Blue Bathroom Feel Cold?

Whilst the colour blue has always been considered a colder colour, blue furniture in a bathroom can look stunning and not cold at all. Fundamentally, it’s all about the tone of the blue that you pick and equally the accent colour, if indeed you have one… Your bathroom should be inviting – there is nothing […]

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26th June 2018

Shower, Bath or Both?

If you are in the process of planning your new bathroom and only have space for a shower or bath, which one do you opt for? Typically most bathrooms can accommodate a standard bath. In general this tends to be 1700mm long x 700mm wide. By installing a shower over the bath at one end […]

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5th May 2018

Seven Top Tips When Planning Your New Bathroom

A new bathroom is a major investment, and can takes weeks of preparation and planning. After the kitchen, a bathroom is probably the most important room in you home in terms of resale value. No longer simply a place a wash and shower, the bathroom is being seen as a place to retreat to, a […]

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12th April 2018

Make the Most of Your Cloakroom

More often than not, the cloakroom is the smallest room in your house. Its compact dimensions usually only allow for a basin and toilet and maybe a mirror above the basin. The chances are that if your cloakroom is cited adjacent to an external wall, there is likely to be a window and equally if […]

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