20th August 2019

Planning a new en-suite?


There are many reasons why adding a second bathroom or en-suite to your home will be an advantage, and installing one might be easier than you think!

Nowadays, most new builds already incorporate a second bathroom or en-suite into the plans. But, with many of us living in older properties, or ones that were built around the turn of the century, there are many households that still only have the use of one bathroom.

Unless you have lots of bedrooms with only one bathroom in your property, converting a bedroom into a bathroom can reduce the value of your house. But, like everything, there should be consideration given to your family’s needs.

Possible locations…

Could you loose some space in one of your larger bedrooms to make way for a separate bathroom? Could you convert your attic or loft?

Have you got an airing cupboard that you could remove – this footprint area is around the same size as a shower tray. Many manufacturers like Vanity Hall offer reduced depth bathroom furniture. Specifically designed to take up very little space, not only can you gain an extra basin and toilet but storage too!

Ease the morning rush…

The obvious benefit is the addition of an extra basin, loo and shower or bath. In a busy household, having an extra bathroom is sure to ease the morning rush. Everyone will have the chance to get ready at a more ‘leisurely’ pace and yet still be out the door on time.

A tranquil space for the adults…

Rather than sharing a bathroom, a separate en-suite or bathroom allows parents to have their own space. It means that there is another room to relax and unwind in, separate from the bedroom or sleeping area.

Adds value…

A recent article suggested that a new bathroom can add as much as £12,000+ onto the value of your property, excluding the cost of the installation. So, not only will you be gaining an extra bathroom or en-suite, but you’ll be future proofing your investment too!

Why not order or download a copy of our latest brochure, let your imagination run wild and start making your dream bathroom or en-suite a reality.