4th December 2020

Retro ideas for your bathroom…


In terms of design, retro is a style that is constantly evolving…

You don’t have to have a particular style of house, or type of period property to choose retro style for your new bathroom.

From the 1920’s onwards, the intricate interior detailing of the Victorian and Edwardian periods made way for a simpler look. The emphasis was on function and form. Futuristic materials were developed, which enabled furniture to be shaped. New textures emerged and exciting colours became available.

Officially ‘retro’ can be any time period in the recent past. However, retro is perceived to be any design from the 50s, 60s or 70s.

How to achieve retro bathroom style?

Retro style is all about combining classic and contemporary elements together.

It’s about creating an eclectic mix of bathroom styles. The inspiration might come from a specific tile design, a design detail on a piece of furniture or even a handle.

You don’t need to incorporate everything to achieve this look! In fact, the old adage ‘less is more’ is certainly true when it comes to retro style!

Look out for bold and geometric patterns!

Designers were often inspired by natural elements and organic shapes. They created repeat tessellations, frequently stylising leaf shapes to create geometric wallpapers and fabric prints.

These bold wallpapers and vinyl wallcoverings are ideal for a feature wall in a bathroom or en-suite, as they introduce pattern.

Colour is key…

Blocks of colour are synonymous with retro style. Retro style can certainly be described as being bold! Psychedelic colours include gaudy orange and brown, to more pared back greens and even monochromatic combinations.

Simply styled furniture

As the development of plastic, engineered wood and vinyl progressed in the 60s and 70s, designers gained a more artistic license to be creative!

Furniture designs incorporated curves, and this look has been refined for today’s bathrooms into shaped mirrors and vessel bowls.

Repetition of design…

Whether it’s the size of the basin unit doors all being the same proportions, the juxtaposition of twin light fittings, or the uniformity of art on the walls, much like the iconic retro pattern repeats, repetition is key to this style.

The little details!

Retro style might appear simplistic!

Echoing the curves of the innovative furniture shapes, stylised handles and tapered legs are a ‘nod’ to the original iconic designs.

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