28th May 2019

Seven reasons for choosing Solid Surface worktops in your new bathroom…


You’ve decided on your new bathroom layout and chosen the furniture. You’ve ordered the basin, selected the shower but have yet to pick the worksurface finish.

With so many options to choose including laminate, wood veneer and Solid Surface, you might just settle for a worktop that best matches your furniture.

Each worksurface has its own merits. But once you discover the properties of Solid Surface, it’s hard to pick anything else!

At Vanity Hall we only use premium quality Solid Surface materials, from brand leaders such as Corian®, Staron® and Krion™. But, it’s our extensive experience of the fabrication of Corian® that has gained us the recognition of the DuPont™ Quality Network. This network supports the premier fabricators of the DuPont™ product.

Extensive finishes

Ranging from white and grey, to neutrals, browns and black, our hand picked selection of 20 options has been chosen to best complement our extensive choice of door finishes.

Limitless choice

As a recognized member of the DuPont™ Quality Network, if you see a Corian® finish that we don’t currently supply, we are able to source it on your behalf and manufacture it to your required shape and dimensions.

Any shape, any size…

Simply put, there are no limitations as to the size and shape of Solid Surface. Whatever the design is that you require, we can fabricate it.

Hand finished

Our highly skilled team hand finishes every Corian® worktop. They can fabricate the material in-house to any shape required. Each worktop is manufactured to the same exacting standards. It’s just one of the many reasons why we are recognized as a affiliate of the DuPont™ Quality Network.


Because Corian® cannot delaminate, your Corian® worktops will look fabulous for many years to come. Small scratches and stains can be effectively removed by the homeowner, so your worktop will look as good as there day it was installed.

Seamless joins

By using colour matched adhesives, all Corian® Solid Surface joints are virtually impossible to see. It’s just one of the many amazing properties of Corian® Solid Surface.


Every Solid Surface worktop will have an invisible join on its profile edge, which is paramount in a bathroom environment. This seam is not only water-tight and easy to keep clean, but bacteria and mould has nowhere to ingress.

See our extensive selection of Corian® worksurfaces at your nearest Vanity Hall showroom or request a sample and view the finishes from the comfort of your own home.