6th February 2021

Seven steps to having a new bathroom even in lockdown!


For many, having a new bathroom in lockdown might seem like an impossibility! After all, it’s a large investment, in terms of both money and time.

Frequently taking a few weeks to plan and install, a new bathroom should be a concerted decision, and is therefore best left to the specialists to design.

However, with independent bathroom retailers currently unable to open their showrooms, is planning for a new bathroom, en-suite or even a cloakroom even possible? The simple answer is yes!

Like so many businesses adapting to a new way of working, your new bathroom can be easily planned, albeit virtually. This would not have been possible without the likes of Zoom, Teams and Skype. But, if you’d prefer to use more conventional methods, designs and ideas can be exchanged over email. In fact, our independent showrooms have been successfully planning and installing new bathrooms during lockdown, whilst adhering to all current guidelines.

For sure, there might be the odd ‘hiccup’ but your retailer is always on hand to help. It’s just one of the many reasons as to why it’s best to utilise the services of the experts!

Step 1 – consider your current bathroom

Write down a list of the things that you like and don’t like about your current bathroom, and how it needs to work for you and your family…

Do you need some form of storage, or do you need lots more?

Who predominantly will use the room? Young children love playtime in the bath, whilst a shower enclosure will be easier for those with mobility issues.

Is the bathroom to be solely used by a couple. If so, twin basins look amazing and are practical too, space permitting!

Step 2 – create a sketch

Create a rough sketch of the overall room, measuring each walls’ widths and marking on the positions of windows and doors. Remember to include the height of the window and the measurement below the window too, plus which way the door opens.

It’s important to also include the overall room height and where the current fixtures are cited. The more information the showroom has, the better!

Step 3 – start a wish list

Make a ‘wish-list’ of desirable wants. Perhaps you’ve seen a fabulously shaped basin, a must have worksurface, or a walk-in shower enclosure. Maybe it’s a colour scheme that you’ve fallen for, or a decorative tile.

Creating a Pinterest board for your new project is a great way to save ideas and you can easily share it with the bathroom designer or showroom.

Step 4 – A new layout or not?

A new bathroom doesn’t have to mean an entirely new layout. Sometimes it’s easy to relocate the toilet, basin, bath or shower.

However, if you’re concerned about limiting the time it will take to install the new bathroom, it may be better to work with the existing layout and avoid extra time moving plumbing and pipework.

Step 5 – storage is paramount

Decide on how much storage you’d like your new bathroom to have!

Along with toiletries and towels, and a dedicated space for cleaning products, you can never have too much storage! Some items, such as make-up is better suited to being stored in drawers, whereas bottles of bleach must be kept upright in a cupboard. At Vanity Hall we have created a simple step-by-step guide too, to assist you when choosing your furniture.

Step 6 – request samples

If you’d prefer to minimise your contact with people coming into your home, and bringing you physical door samples to borrow, you can always order samples online.

This way, you can easily match your chosen door finish with tile colours and paint finishes, all from the comfort of your own home.

Step 7 – don’t forget the heating

Don’t forget about how you’d like to heat the room. Underfloor heating is a nice addition and will dry quickly. However, if you prefer having warm towels, opt for a ladder style radiator or similar.

Obviously, there’s sure to be other items that need consideration, such as an extractor fan, tiling and good lighting. But by working with an established bathroom showroom, even if you forget the extra things, your designer is sure to remember!

So, if you’re looking for a new project in this current lockdown, having a new bathroom really is possible!