1st July 2018

Will a Blue Bathroom Feel Cold?


Whilst the colour blue has always been considered a colder colour, blue furniture in a bathroom can look stunning and not cold at all. Fundamentally, it’s all about the tone of the blue that you pick and equally the accent colour, if indeed you have one…

Your bathroom should be inviting – there is nothing worse than stepping into a shower on a wintery morning if your bathroom already feels chilly. But too warm and in the height of summer, when a refreshing shower is all you need to cool down, your bathroom can feel stuffy!

Pick a cool blue shade for your furniture finish and it stands a good chance of feeling somewhat colder than if you pick a warmer or pretty blue tone. Pick a dark blue tone and you’re in danger of having to turn the lights on every time you go into your bathroom.

Powder Blue, from the Collection range by Vanity Hall is the perfect choice if you’re after a pretty blue bathroom. Similar to ‘forget-me-not’ blue, this gentle colour will look sensational in any contemporary or traditional bathroom alike.

Pick a contrasting colour…

An accent colour doesn’t always have to contrast from the key colour. Tones such as neutrals, browns and beiges will always complement the colour blue and especially one as pretty as Powder Blue.

Choosing tiles…

Team your blue bathroom furniture with natural limestone or even woodgrain effect tiles. The textures and detailing in the wall and floor tiles will add to the overall feeling of warmth and at the same time be the perfect backdrop.

Create a focal point…

Consider having a focal point to balance against your blue furniture? A freestanding bath, painted to match your furniture will balance the overall scheme of the room. Alternatively, choose a decorative wallpaper? In much the same way as the freestanding bath does, the detail in the wallcovering will lead the eye around the room and ensure a cohesive feel.

Consider a heated towel rail…

For extra warmth, why not opt for a wall mounted towel warmer? Pick one that can be regulated independently of your central heating and you can choose to have warmed towels all year round or just during the colder months.

If Powder Blue isn’t right for your new bathroom, did you know that at Vanity Hall we offer a bespoke painted colour service? Simply tell us which paint colour you would like us to match to and we will do the rest. Make your new bathroom furniture unique to you with Vanity Hall bespoke painted furniture.