6th November 2020

Seven top tips for space saving cloakrooms with the wow factor!


Before lockdown, the cloakroom used to be the one room in our homes that many of our visitors would have been likely to use. Yet many people simply neglected their cloakroom, forgetting this simple fact!

In fact, your cloakroom is likely to be one of your most frequently used rooms. This is especially true as more and more of us are working from home.

Primarily comprising a washbasin, toilet and mirror, space is somewhat limited. Usually compact in size, some storage in a cloakroom is necessary if it’s to stay looking neat and tidy!

Not always the most obvious, our seven ‘top tips’ are sure to help your compact cloakroom to feel spacious.

The basin itself!

Whether you’re planning a bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom, it’s always best to start with the basin.

Opt for a resin basin with a tap located to the side, for ease of washing your hands in. Or choose an inset basin in solid surface, complete with seamless Corian® worksurface, to add to the feeling of spaciousness.

Storage under the basin

Below the basin is the ideal place to store most of the ‘must have’ cloakroom essentials! Along with cleaning materials, hand towels and extra toilet rolls, a cloakroom may be the place that you keep all manner of items.

The smallest cloakroom basin unit size that Vanity Hall offers is a mere 400mm wide, so is ideally suited to confined spaces! Choose a wall hung version as it’ll be sure to make the overall room appear more spacious than its floor standing equivalent, whilst still offering virtually the same storage capacity.

Hide the plumbing!

You might think that a co-ordinating toilet unit will take up yet more space. In reality, the unit conceals the cistern and all the necessary plumbing, in much the same way as the basin unit does, to give a seamless, uniformity to the overall scheme.

Add a mirror…

A timeless trick used by many interior designers is to always include a mirror! Its reflective qualities bounce light around the room to ‘magically’ make the space feel bigger. Plus, it still has its obvious benefit too!

Don’t be afraid to create a feature wall

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean a cloakroom can’t be stylish! A tiled wall can look fabulous, as can a patterned wallpaper. And, because it’s such a small space, the feature wall needn’t be the most obvious one!

Decorative lighting

Whether you opt for single wall lights to frame the mirror, a central ceiling pendant, or a combination of both, the lighting that you choose for your cloakroom can dictate the overall ambiance and style.

Add stripes!

In much the same way as vertically striped clothes lengthen the body, and horizontal stripes make a person appear wider, these ‘tricks’ can also be applied to interiors. Try tiling the floor of a narrow cloakroom with a design, to create the illusion of the room feeling wider than it actually is.

Even if you only decide to use a couple of these ‘top tips’, you can be certain that your cloakroom will be the envy of your neighbours, family and friends, when they are finally allowed to visit your home.

So, if your cloakroom really is in need of some attention, why not take the time during this lockdown period to give it the makeover it really deserves!