3rd October 2020

Stylish storage ideas using ‘classic’ bathroom basin designs


Like so many styles, the trend for classic design is seeing a huge surge in popularity!

Clean lines and contemporary styles are still as popular as ever, but just like fashions, interior styles come and go.

This current trend is not totally unexpected. The likes of Dulux, who recently announced their colour for 2021 as ‘Brave Ground’. A warm shade of earthy beige, it is a colour offering ‘stability’.

Marianne Shillingford, the creative director at Dulux UK explained “As a result of the global pandemic many people’s priorities are shifting significantly, to focus much more on their well-being.”

‘Brave Ground’ is far from being a ‘wow’ shade! In fact, that was the intention by Dulux. They specifically chose a colour that offered comfort and strength.

In much the same way, classical colours and traditionally inspired furniture is peaceful on the eye. This combination is ideal for the likes of a bedroom or bathroom, where tranquillity is of paramount importance.

Long gone are the days when the only option for a classically inspired bathroom was a repro high level cistern and toilet, an oversized basin with pedestal or a freestanding cast iron bath.

Today, bathroom showrooms offer modernised versions of these traditional items, with manufacturers like Vanity Hall incorporating much needed bathroom storage.

Primarily, and understandably, the best place for bathroom storage is under the basin. It can be seamlessly incorporated into the bathroom worksurface, as a sit-on basin, undermounted or simply semi-recessed.

Knowing the difference between these basins isn’t always straightforward!

Undermounted basins…

Made from ceramic or Mineralcast, this basin is usually oval in shape.

The worksurface must be made from a solid material such as Corian®, Mirostone, marble or granite, as these can have a finished internal edge unlike laminate.

Likewise, timber is not water resistant, so is therefore unsuitable with this type of basin.

A rectangular shaped basin is also a possibility, but as this is tricky to manufacture in ceramic, a Mineralcast version is an option.

Sit-on basins…

These come in all different shapes, sizes and styles…

From ultra-thin and modern to more classical and organic shaped vessels, the choice is endless!

Choose from Mineralcast and ceramic options, and opt for two if space permits, for a truly opulent bathroom, oozing with classical charm.

Inset basins…

These types of resin basin suit both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.

Seamlessly incorporated into the worksurface, they are very easy to clean! Depending on the depth of the furniture below, if it sits proud, the basin will require a co-ordinating shaped cowl.

Semi-recessed basins…

These basins are similar in appearance to a more traditional basin and pedestal, and designed for use with furniture.

The storage replaces the pedestal and the basin sits snuggly into the worksurface cut-out.

With plenty of inspirational ideas, using classically style bathroom furniture, look no further than Vanity Hall for your next new bathroom!