6th February 2021

Seven steps to having a new bathroom even in lockdown!

For many, having a new bathroom in lockdown might seem like an impossibility! After all, it’s a large investment, in terms of both money and time. Frequently taking a few weeks to plan and install, a new bathroom should be a concerted decision, and is therefore best left to the specialists to design. However, with […]

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4th January 2021

11 Bathroom trends for 2021

As we start a brand new year, we can clearly see the bathroom trends for 2021 emerging. Whilst diverse in their style, most of them have a luxurious, feel good factor! It’s not really surprising, given the year we’ve all just experienced. Our homes have become our sanctuaries, a place that we can feel safe. […]

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4th December 2020

Retro ideas for your bathroom…

In terms of design, retro is a style that is constantly evolving… You don’t have to have a particular style of house, or type of period property to choose retro style for your new bathroom. From the 1920’s onwards, the intricate interior detailing of the Victorian and Edwardian periods made way for a simpler look. […]

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6th November 2020

Seven top tips for space saving cloakrooms with the wow factor!

Before lockdown, the cloakroom used to be the one room in our homes that many of our visitors would have been likely to use. Yet many people simply neglected their cloakroom, forgetting this simple fact! In fact, your cloakroom is likely to be one of your most frequently used rooms. This is especially true as […]

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3rd October 2020

Stylish storage ideas using ‘classic’ bathroom basin designs

Like so many styles, the trend for classic design is seeing a huge surge in popularity! Clean lines and contemporary styles are still as popular as ever, but just like fashions, interior styles come and go. This current trend is not totally unexpected. The likes of Dulux, who recently announced their colour for 2021 as […]

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2nd September 2020

Inspiring bathroom design using brick format tiles…

Once thought of as unsophisticated, largely due to its association with its commercial use in areas such as the London or Parisian underground, the humble brick tile has seen a huge resurgence in popularity over recent years! Whilst the trend for larger format wall tiles remains fashionable, the compact sizes that brick wall tiles are […]

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6th August 2020

Eight creative ideas for additional bathroom shelving

Undeniably, having some sort of storage in your bathroom is essential. It’s one of the best ways to keep it looking pristine and free from clutter. In much the same way that clothes and underwear are stored in wardrobes and drawers, so too should all bathroom essentials. Toiletries and medicines are best stored in wall […]

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8th July 2020

Fresh ideas for a white or cream bathroom…

Choosing white or cream for a bathroom is still a firm favourite! Long gone are the days when a basin, toilet and bath were available in the 70’s shades of brown, avocado and blue. White sanitaryware continues to remain as popular as ever, thanks to its fresh and stylish looks. Even when coloured sanitaryware was […]

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10th June 2020

A rainbow of colours from Vanity Hall

Over the last few months the rainbow has become symbolic with hope and unity, both supporting the NHS and indeed each other! Donning the windows of many homes all across the UK, children and adults alike have put up rainbows in a show of solidarity. It also reminds us that here will be better days […]

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11th January 2020

Don’t be blue this January!

For many of us, January is a month where we feel melancholy… Even though the days are gradually getting longer, we are still in the midst of winter. Many new years’ resolutions have fallen by the wayside and the Christmas break seems like a distant memory. The festivities might be over, but our bank balances […]

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