28th December 2018

A new bathroom in 2019 perhaps?


With a new year fast approaching, many of us take the time to consider what our aims are for 2019.

Make plans in 2019…

Whether it’s a major goal like moving house, it’s the perfect time to make plans. Perhaps you’re considering some home renovations, changing jobs or starting a family? Maybe you’re thinking of getting fit, loosing weight or simply trying to improve your eating habits? Whatever you decided, setting these achievements at the beginning of a new year seems to be the focus of many…

You could question why people feel the need to wait until a new year starts to make a change? Ironically, it is believed that by the second Friday in January, most people will have given up on their New Year resolutions.

Ultimately setting a goal is the easy bit, it’s maintaining or achieving it that’s the hard part!

Consider a new bathroom?

If having a new bathroom in 2019 is on your list, then Vanity Hall bathroom furniture might be just what you’re after.

We might all dream of having a huge bathroom, with freestanding bath and separate twin basins.

In reality most of us have a relatively small bathroom. Did you know that the average British bathroom is the same size as a king sized bed?

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. In fact, making your bathroom stylish should be high on your wish list.

This can often be achieved by ensuring that your bathroom has plenty of storage.

After all, when did you last see a room that looked great but that was filled with clutter?

Not sure where to start planning for a new bathroom?

At Vanity Hall we have an easy to follow, step by step guide on how to design your bathroom, offering useful tips and hints to help you achieve your dream bathroom.

Whilst this guide has been designed to inspire you, many people prefer to leave the planning to the experts. Our dedicated network of independent retailers are specialists in bathroom design, and may be able to organize fitting your new bathroom too, leaving you to focus and achieve some of your other new years resolutions.

So, if having a new bathroom in the new year seemed like a far fetched ‘pipe dream’, order or download our latest brochures now and start planning your first goal in 2019.