27th April 2019

Why do I need storage in my bathroom?


Storage in the bathroom is definitely becoming more commonplace. However, there are many bathrooms in Britain that simply don’t have any.

Your bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom is likely to be amongst some of the smallest rooms in your home. Yet some sort of storage facility is often overlooked.

Consider the other rooms in your home such as your bedroom, kitchen, lounge or dining room. How much storage do these rooms have? The chances are even your hallway has somewhere to hang coats and store shoes. So, why leave your bathroom without any storage?

As well as everyday essential items, with summer holidays on the horizon, people tend to stock up on suntan lotion too. Suddenly, the items that need to be stored in your bathroom increase.

consider the quantity of toiletries you own.

These extra items don’t account for any special offers that we succumb to. Everyone likes a bargain! When we see an offer of ‘buy two get one free’ on our favourite shampoo, or a price reduction on toothpaste, deodorant or shower gel, we tend to take advantage and stock up.

Hairstyling products and make up are yet more items that need a home, and the chances are that is in your bathroom.

Ask yourself what other items you store in your bathroom currently? The chances are there are medicines for both common ailments and prescribed medication. A mirror or wall cabinet is perfect for these items, which need to be kept out of reach of children. In fact, most first-aid kits also contain plasters, bandages and antiseptic wipes, all of which need to be stored somewhere.

And whilst the towel that you’re using to dry yourself on is likely to be within easy reach, where do you currently store your spare towels?

drawers, cupboards or both…

The best type of storage for your bathroom is either cupboards or drawers, or even a combination of both.

Drawers tend to look more minimal and contemporary, and surprisingly have a large storage capacity. At the same time, cupboards are ideal for storing taller items such as toiletries, and cleaning materials.

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